Academy 1/35 Hetzer "late" in progress

I usually don’t build German WWII stuff but this was a quick weekend build - easy to build, nice little Academy kit. Let me know what y’all think.

Almost done with assembly and ready for painting



Looks like a fun simple build, cant wait to see it painted!

I have to agree it looks good so far, keep me posted

Looks good, what paint scheme are you going with?

Agree with all above and like @Tank_1812, curious as to what the paint scheme will be.


I’ve had that kit in my stash for several years. How did you find the build? The last Hetzer I built was an older Dragon one…the Academy version looks better. Are you considering using the included painting mask that comes with the kit? I took one look at it said, “Nope!”

I am thinking the scheme below:

Looks much easier than the one on the box art. Still interesting. We shall see b/c there seem to be lots of choices. Yeah, the one included in the kit looks pretty difficult to pull off.

The fit on the Academy kit was great, which is generally true for their latest productions. The only tricky part was the link and length track assembly. I messed it up at first then took it apart - must start from the bottom then sides - top tracks last so you can bend or straighten the length to fit properly. It looks great once you put them on.

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The kit masks are not that bad. It just takes some planning.
Probably the only problem with the kit pattern isI don’t believe it is based on an actual vehicle.

good to hear I’m not the only one who has issues with link and length tracks

I didn’t have much problem with mine but I also used this jig. I think the Academy tracks are longer then Tamiya, but it helps with the ends where it is needed. Maybe not economically if you only have one Hetzer but I have a few. They have generic setups that can give you that third or fourth hand when building.

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Think I’d prefer link & length on a Hetzer to what I’ve just done. Indy tracks on a kettenkrad. 2 Pieces to each link. My eyeballs are bleeding!

I bet that specific mode Honby-Trax really rocks for that vehicle.

I have the Hobby Trax General Purpose one. It’s very useful with all sorts of indy link tracks both plastic and faster assembly of white metal.

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