Academy 1/72: F-8E "Crusader"

Hi folks!

Here is my new F-8E “Crusader” in 1/72 scale.
The kit comes from Academy and is a nice basis for the “Last Gunfighter”.
I built out of the box. Colors by Gunze, Revell and Tamiya.
The display is a printed carrier deck graphic within a picture frame.

Stefan :sunglasses:


Nice one, Stefan! :+1: I have the bigger brother from Hasegawa still sleeping somewhere in my stash …


Great looking build. Loved the markings and base. :+1:

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that looks amazing, i always wanted to build tbe hasegawa 1/48 version.

did you have any issues with the academy decals as i had problems with them when i built their F/A-18

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Looks great! I love the Navy A-series attack aircraft. My two favorites are the A-4 and A-6 but the A-7 is one interesting looking bird

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Now you’re talking…Crusader the last of the gunfighters !
Nicely done, looks great on the base. :+1:

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Thanks for your comments, mates. :blush:

Klaus-Adler…Academy decals often have a thick backing film and are reluctant to attach to the surface of the model. It was the same with the Crusader. I alternately used softer from Tamiya (extra strong), Revell and Gunze. At some point the comrades then capitulated and settled reasonably well on the model surface.

Torsten…yeah, I’ve got the 1/48-brother in my stash too…even twice. A good old Monogram and a Hasegawa (French Navy Special Colours).

Stefan :cowboy_hat_face:

@BigZimmo I thought you were 48-only Stefan! :grin: Nice build, I have that same kit in a French boxing in my stash.



Very nicely done. Let’s see when I will show the courage to start it. It is so nice a kit that I can’t dare to open the box.