Academy #1372 m113 Zelda


I’m looking for the Academy #1372 m113 Zelda.
Continentaal EU only.
Postage from US is too high and from the UK there is an added VAT from 21%
Anyone ?


Assuming you have access to one of the many M113 kits available, you do have other options. I found the Academy kit to be less than satisfying.
Eduard has a nice, reasonably priced Zelda PE set.
Accurate Armor also had a conversion for the “non-perforated” armor plate version.

Hi 18Bravo,

Yes i know, but i’m looking for the original kit since i want to build the communication/ command version.
Thanks anyway for reply.


Hi everyone,

Question for this model is no longer evident !!
Therefore this thread is closed !

Thanks everyone.


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