Academy B 17F 1/72 Memphis Belle

Started this today. Build number 10 going on?

Well I hurried thru my zero build just get started on this one. I avoided because of lack of detail. Probably 90% is raised panel lines?

Hopefully my fun today comes out in the end looking okay.

Painting to start soon.




This way my second aircraft I ever built. Its really passable kit but after the great job you did on the Zero Im sure this B-17 will look great! Did you rescribe the panel lines? Because if you did they sure look good!

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I love the early ‘F’ model Fortresses. I’ll be sure to watch this one. Are you building it up as the “Memphis Bell” or going with some aftermarket decals?


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The panel lines are again done with ultra fine sharpie like the zero.

I wanted to do a silver scheme with yellow, but I will save that for a B 17 G model I think.

This one will stay Memphis Belle.


Well this is kinda crazy. Going to be doing the engines next which I thought would be easy. Went to search engine color and $%&#. I really dont feel like researching this…



A few more of the progress.

This ones really slowing me down. I am going wheels up and you will have to modify to do that with this kit.

Also seems you have to modify the engine area as they will sit to far back according to instructions.

image posting

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Well after shooting the wing and not liking the shade. I took time and redid it to a better liking.

Shot the rear wings four different times before picking the shade I had in paints.




Spent the last couple of days working on the stand/model jig for this build.This mount will allow be to display either from the ceiling/wall or a base mount for a diorama. For now it allows me to glue the wings and plan other parts of the build without having to hold it.



Superb build going on here!! Excellent detailing!!

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Looking good and I like the jig.

Just a note on any future weathering you plan on doing, thought these photos of a very unfortunate Fortress would be of help. Especially in the direction of flow of the staining from the airflow. Of particular note, the staining between the 4 vents behind each engine and not out of them. Those are air vents and not exhaust as is sometimes believed.

Hope it helps, it’s a great build and looking forward to seeing the finished results of your hard work.


I am a little farther along in it. I dont think it is going to come out like I thought I could get it. This build has been difficult. It has taken a lot of pre planning each step that I didnt need to worry about with the other planes builds. It hasnt been fun. But I do think if I had just done a all silver scheme it would have been much easier.

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I thought this stand would allow me to attach the wings and better be able to control the wing angle. raising or lowering the plane on the rod allows me to control the wing angle during drying. Then I can flip over for painting. But the main reason I did it was just to allow attaching to the wall for displaying it or doing a two plane diorama.


Nifty idea!!