Academy Bismarck 1/350 (14109)

Hi all

I got a birfdy gift of this kit. Where’s my AM money best spent? PE - if so which? Rigging - whose? Micro Master’s resin weaponry?

Cheers in advance


Hi Perry,

I always try to find positive things to say but in this instance I would suggest not spending on AM. The Academy kit is an inferior copy of the Tamiya kit. You can make it look good but its going to take a lot more effort than it should. I tried building it and ended up giving the kit away.

All that being said, if you want to go ahead you have several options. Eduard do a nice basic set of PE which will go a long way to help. There are also several sets on Ebay for cheap that include a deck and metal gun barrels. From the pictures it looks like a reasonably extensive set.

Super Upgrade Set for 1/350 Scale Bismarck Model (Wooden Deck Brass Barrel PE) | eBay

I agree with Rory, this kit is rather a dog. Still, you can honor the gift, build it, have some fun with it. Maybe use it to try out some new painting or other techniques… :grinning: