Academy Magach 6B Gal Batash

Greetings all. Sharing my work on this Academy Magach 6B Gal Batash. Built OOB except for the anti slip which I added. Decent kit overall. Thanks for looking.


@kunjuro James that’s a sharp looking IDF tank! I like very much.

What paint did you use and color?

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Superb looking beast!

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Nice paint job indeed.


Looks great! Nice weathering too!

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Thanks Wade! I used a color which was mixed by a local modeler. I heard it was close to the IDF Sinai Grey 1980s mix of Tamiya XF20 and XF57

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Thanks Ron :slight_smile:

Thanks Richard!

Sharp. Big fan of all things Israeli. :+1: :+1:

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Thanks mate! I do find a lot of IDF hardware very cool and unique looking. I think I’ll build my Takom Merkava IID soon after I finish several other backlogs.

And here another IDF stuff fan… this one looks really great!
I just have one question: the towing cable that is hanging around the rear turret basket, I think it would look better if it had 2 ‘hooks’ to support it, wouldn’t it be hanging downwards a little when it is like this?

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Thanks Bert! I just saw you comment on Facebook as well, I really appreciate it.

You’re right, there should have been hooks for the tow cable on the rear of the basket. IIRC, Academy forgot to supply this (even if they did so for their earlier M60s). They also make two more mistakes: the length of cable they ask you to cut for the tow cable is arguably too short to depict some slack. The cables on the model are actually a bit taut.

Also, the brackets holding the cable ends are also too small. There should be two cables wrapped around the turret but I could only fit one onto the cable holders. Even the sample built model that academy gives you a photo of only manages to use one cable. These are things I wish academy addressed but I can live with for now. I’m hoping to do the Magach 7C though so I’ll keep this in mind when I do that. Thanks!

The missing hooks are easily made by cutting short lemgths of Plastruct L-shape rod. I solved the cable attachment and length issues by staggering there placement, since those hooks woud only accent one cable end anyway.



Thanks for sharing your work Michael! I’ll see if I can find some L-shape plastic rods to hold up the tow cables.

Very nicely done Nigel. Very visually appealing.

The track in the last pic looks a bit loose on the sprocket, any chance you can push it on a a bit more or up behind the side armour?

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Thanks Peter. The tracks on mine don’t wrap very well around the sprocket sometimes but I’ve pushed them in to make it a bit less conspicuous :slight_smile:

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I know this thread is quite old, but I wanted to tell the OP how impressed I am with his build, paint and weathering! I have the Academy Gal Batash as well (not yet started), but also got the Meng Gal Batash, which I have just begun to work on. I don’t know how far I’m going to get right at the moment, as I have several other models in progress that I’d like to finish first, but I have completed the set of Fruil metal tracks I’m going to use on this tank, and I’m working on the road wheels (separate thread on these). You did fabulous job on your tank!! On many of my previous more contemporary IDF subjects, I used the Tamiya paints mixture you mention, which I have found to be really a good looking color, but to provide a bit of difference for this somewhat older IDF tank, I decided to use the MIG IDF color 131, which is just a touch more green than the Tamiya mix, and I thought it would look good next to my existing IDF tanks.

I hope my Meng version turns out even close to as nice as yours!


Thank you Curt :slight_smile: I appreciate the kind words. I also have purchased a Meng kit in the meanwhile - this time of the Magach 6B. I hope you enjoy finishing yours!