Academy Merkava Mk.IV LIC (1/35)

Hey folks. Sharing my most recent build: Academy Merkava IV LIC 1/35

I did not do a great job with the photo etch ball and chain, Takom did such an awesome job with their styrene ones. I also broke and lost one of the forward antennas while I was trying to fix the tracks on the vehicle that had gotten loose. But, I’m happy to have finished most of the things I wanted to do with the kit. Need to get more practice with PE.

Thanks for looking!


Wow that came great. How did you find the Academy kit to build ? Is it reasonably accurate? And what color/ paints did you use. Again great job!

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Very nice work on this kit. Dont worry about the antenna, you can see photos with the antennas missing. The tracks of the kit are its weakest aspect.

Nice work on the ball and chain too. Lots of time put into this. :+1: :+1:

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Thanks Richard. I can’t comment on the accuracy but based on the reviews I read online I think she’s reasonably accurate. I think the kit having antislip is a big plus, even some of the new state of the art kit now have no antislip moulded on. It also goes together fairly well, just make sure you review the instructions so you don’t misallign parts. Decal placement is also vague especially on the barrel, references would help here.

For the paint, a modeller here sells lacquer paint he mixes himself. I think it looks close to what AK offers as their 80s Sinai grey.

Thanks Nikos! I highly appreciate it. I still like the kit overall I can live with the tracks but I would definitely get AM ball and chain next time.

I’m working on the Meng Mk.4 w/Trophy right now and if I can get it looking half as nice as this I’ll be happy! I remember seeing the ball and chain moulds in the Academy kit and thinking they looked very tricky- you seem to have managed to do a good half of them nicely which I reckon is a good effort. I believe MJ Miniatures does a workable set of ball and chains if you are ever building another kit with them in it.

PE work looks good to me and I particularly like the weathering- a ‘just right’ finish I think- one that shows off the anti-slip in good fashion. The weathering round the exhaust is particularly well done.

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I agree. Most of the methods I’ve seen are over scale. This looks just about right. Your painting and weathering brought it alive.

You’ve done it right. Everything is where it should be. Very nice job overall, well done!

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Thanks Karl! I actually didn’t bend the tubular PE on the turret very well but it isn’t too noticeable unless it’s 4 feet away. I’ll have a look at the MJ set if I ever build this kit again, thanks!

The Meng looks like a nice kit :slight_smile: Good luck with yours!

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Thanks mate :slight_smile: I really appreciate it