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The recently released Academy Panther Ausf. G is now available at shops

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Looks pretty sweet. Academy’s newly tooled kits look good. They are fun to build with excellent engineering, design & quality instructions from few I’ve seen or built.

Given the raised heater box for the engine deck & chin mantle shown in the link the kit probably includes some later parts too!

Wonder if the strip of armor on the hull top at the front betwen the glacis and hatches is correct thickness for the early version or the later version? Most, kits have that too thin for later versions IIRC.


Agree, I’ve really enjoyed the newer Academy kits I’ve built. Their earlier stuff was a bit ropey but the instructions have come on leaps and bounds and I love all the extras and bits and pieces they often give you. I’ve built the Das Werk, Meng and Tamiya Panther Gs and have the new Dragon one in the stash coming up soon so I imagine i’ll grab this one to see how it stacks up.

Would be cool to see some of the sprues to take a look at the parts.


Sounds familiar! Tamiya G on the bench, new 2n1 Dragon G for the stash with Meng’s D/A on the wings.

Agreed, we need to see the sprues! Bet Academy will have ease of the older Tamiya Panther G’s assembly with sharper, crisper detail plus PE screen. If so I’ll probably buy at least one and slap on workable 3D tracks for the ultimate EZ build G.