Accessing an Object 279

I am getting closer to finishing this project. It will be depicted in a snow covered field, with the commander dismounted. I am trying to figure out how one would actually mount/dismount this mammoth. It is such an awkward shaped tank am just trying to figure out how one would mount it.

On the model there are no hatched on the underside. The only obvious access points are the driver’s, loaders, and commanders, hatch. But getting up to them would be difficult.

Here is where I am currently.

This is minus the wheels and tracks, which will add height.

So, any ideas would be appreciated. I am thinking a rope ladder, single line with either knots or bars. There are some “cables” that droop under the sides, but they would still be pretty high above the ground to be able to climb on.

The only other option i can see would be to climb the tracks at the front or rear. There are no grabs on the hull itself at either of these locations so that would still be a difficult ask.


I doubt if a in service tank would have a ladder or some sort.
I would imagine the crewman would jump or climb up to the outer track and then shimmy up te side.

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I think that would have to be at the front or rear of the tank. The overhang of the hull over the sides of the track is pretty significant. Possible at the front or rear though.

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I think the rear, climb up the track and grab the bar on either side. That’s my guess.

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You get beamed aboard; it is a freakin’ flying saucer after all…



Too funny!

I am just trying to come up with a logical means of access. I do like the beam me up idea though!


From the rear as the guys said. 3 points of contact rule. Climb on the track, then use the towing clevis, and handle on the side of the hull to pull yourself up. Maybe even use the handle on the side of the cells to help. Once you are on the hull, then use the protrusions to put your foot against and then use the bar handle as a step to get topside.

Whatever method, once up you would not want the get down again in a hurry.


That I can see. I know about the 3 points of contact rule. Thanks for helping wrap my brain around that!