Accessing (really) Old Kitmaker/Armorama Account

Hi Admin,

I was wondering if it was possible to resurrect my old account name “SPerk15”. I am unable to log in but am reminiscing about old posts and now that I am older hoping to be able to take the time to create some build threads. Is there any way for me to get my old account back? I attempted forgot password and “send login link” and non emails arrived. I mean I think we are talking last post made in 2007. Would appreciate any assistance but also understand if it’s not possible. Thanks!


Hi Steve,
Some of your old posts are likely in the site archives, but they are all flat HTML now. There is no database to resurrect your account from anymore. You could change your username to SPerk15 if you want to. If you can’t do that in the user account area a moderator or admin would be able to.

Best wishes,

Gotcha, understood, and that makes sense. Thank you for the timely response! I’m good with the name thank you though. Will search around in the archives and reminisce a bit!

A fellow Steve here - I was wondering the same thing. I’ve been gone for 3(?) years, and am totally lost now. I’ve made a new account, but guess all the old stuff is just gone.

Thanks for blazing the trail.


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Hi Steve-o, the old sites and forums are now just a read-only archive. All the posts are still there, but you can’t log in, and can’t add to it. All the new action happens here in the new forums and new content sites! It grows on you…

Welcome back to the future :smiley: :wink:

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Thanks! I know I had like 35-ish posts but when I search my old name (SPerk15) only 2 posts come up? Weird! No worries but just hoping to screen shot old posts.