Accurate Armour kits

I mentioned Accurate Armour in another thread and received some negative comments in response.
Not wanting to derail the existing thread I have started a new one.
I have built two of their kits - 4.5 inch gun in 1/35 and a 1/48 airfield vehicle. Yes , more pricey then mainstream injection molded kits but that is to be expected with resin kits as they are more labor intensive to produce.
I found the ones I built to be a fun experience and any faults were mostly of my own doing. This was several years ago . Any opinions on their current offerings? Poster who gave negative response was unhappy with overall quality. Have they gone downhill ?
Looking for opinions either way because I would like to do another.

I personally have never dealt with them .
In my humble opinion , you get out of a kit what you put into it. With that said some kits need more attention than others. Resin does require a different approach.
Also in my humble opinion , i feel like people attempt, or at least start kits or conversions that are a bit beyond their current skill set.
Now with that said , by tackling a more difficult build and taking the time to sort through it, will at the least be educational and satisfying

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i feel like people attempt, or at least start kits or conversions that are a bit beyond their current skill set.

I laughed when I read that as I will soon be starting the 1/35 Legend M113 ADATS conversion which may be a bit beyond me…

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I’ve built many - the AS90, the Centurion, the Abbott, the 5.5 inch gun, and many more. Plus I have scads of their detail sets. The quality of everything is superb. Perhaps as intimated above that poster didn’t have a lot of experience with resin kits. They don’t fall together, but when cleaned properly the parts all fit together very well.

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No it won’t be Ezra - as you have demonstrated time and again you are a very talented and capable modeler - dive in my friend.

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I have two Land Rover WMIK update set in the stash, LRA001 and LRA004. Quality looks good.

Remove casting blocks often a delicate step but it is not specific to Accurate Armour.

@Panzer_modeler .
Have faith in your skills brother. Also glad you got a laugh out of that response . I was trying to be polite about the issue… I personally enjoy more challenging kits and often refer to them as " skill builders" that term has become a running joke

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I have built their BMP-1 and Warrior full kits (yes I’m ageing) and the T-55 Enigma conversion set which was great despite a bit approximative instructions.
Their detail sets are very good for value (at least before brexit). And they do very original British stuff.
However I got a Centurion AVRE which was definitely not a great kit. It was probably due to an intensively used mold. Many parts had poor details and mold tear marks.
This sad experience apart I would recommend AA.


I have found their products and their service impeccable; I must admit that the only full kits I have tackled have been such small fry as trailers or Austin Champs, but the conversion kit for the Charioteer was such that it gave me confidence to tackle full-resin kits, not just conversions. They are also the only “Go to” manufacturer for all those small, even niggly items which no one else produces - specific water jerricans, fire extinguishers, ammo, lash-down straps and so on and so forth, let alone their full kits of rare vehicles which are unlikely to ever see the light of injected-plastic day.

Whenever there has been a glitch - something broken or not moulded fully - they have always been helpful.

Hats off to Accurate Armour - long may they continue.


I have built quite few of their kits, full and conversions,
the newer ones have been crisp on details, also had ones from worn molds and full of air bubbles, some Parts/ body I have had to phone them as not recoverable on cutting or molding, new one’s despatch no problem once discussed,
If you have been on e bay and bid on any old ones over 15 years old your going to have issues with the Resin.

In the voice of the Kellogg frosties tiger.

There grrrrreeeeat.

I don’t understand why anyone woul kick back anything negative, when it comes to full kits and conversions I they are top tier. The castings are excellent and the customer service is very good and responsive. I’ve built their older Chieftain and T28 kits and also their newer early Centurions. They are genuinely good, not falling together like injection molded kits but as good as almost anyone and much, much better than most (I have built Legends conversions where the resin has shrunk 5-10% and nothing fits the damned donor kit so i have felt that pain. . . )

By and large the consensus seams to be positive for AA which reflects my experience with their kits as well so I am glad to hear it and glad for the folks at Accurate Armour as well .
Thanks everyone for the thoughtful responses -
I’ll be ordering up a couple items tomorrow.

That´s a good decision. I am trading with them since their beginning. Must be around 35 years now. I have built at least 20 to 25 of their kits, and was never disappointed. And in case if it happens that something is damaged or badly cast, do not hesitate to contact Derek. They do have an excellent customer service!

The resin parts I’ve seen over the years from AA were very nice high quality parts without air bubbles.

As far as Ebay goes, I’d probably buy direct from AA or a reputable source to make sure it’s really AA resin in the box and not a clone.

What ever.

Have built AA stuff in the past…always happy with the results. Latest purchase is their Cromwell conversion to and F model (used by Haganah (pre IDF), 1948-1949).