Accurate Miniatures 1/24 scale Mclaren M8B Can Am car

Having put the Meng Ford GT40 MkII on hold for a while as I need to fully strip and repaint while dealing with my eye issues, naturally I decided to tackle one of the hardest race car kits from yester year: the Accurate Miniatures M8B Can Am car that was the ride for Team McLaren in 1969. That’s the year that they completely dominated by winning all 11 races as Bruce (6 wins) and Denny (5 wins) alternated wins, as the car racing press came up with the phrase “The Bruce & Denny Show”.

This is by far my favorite Can Am car especially after I met both Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme at the Bridgehampton race circuit (my home track) in 1969. Back in those days pit access was easy and free.
The kit comes with a 40 page instruction booklet, with the 1st 2 pages covering a short history of the Can Am and McLaren racing. Then 2 pages to explain the super detailed instructions that contain 32 steps with highly detailed drawings, parts called out by number, name, paint color, and a check list when each part is added to the build. Also, tips and suggestions how to accomplish and or by pass issues, modify or delete certain parts, etc. I’ve been modeling since 1955 or so, and have never seen anything like that before. One point that they made a few times was to follow the build sequence exactly, as not doing so will create a multitude of issues. Now I usually start with the body build, prep, primer, paint, decal, and gloss. Not so with this build, as steps 1-6 is all about the engine/trans, & rear suspension.
So that’s where I started, slow off the line, but making progress little by little. Step 1 is the usual basic engine build up, and painting, but the kit includes Vinyl lines to represent braided lines and fittings, and ignition lines as well. these aren’t the easiest to work with, and don’t hold paint all that well. What’s more the few that I had to add to the engine assembly required that each hole in the block needed to be enlarged. I used their paint guide with the exception of the engine bulkhead which I went with Alcad 2 White Aluminum rather then the polished look they called for.


Interesting subject. The Alclad finish gives the engine a realistic look. Looking forward to seeing how this build goes.

Nice start/

Thanks for stopping by and liking my modest start.

Joel, so great to see you back at the bench. Great job so far, but I would expect no less.

Very nice start Joel. That drive train really looks the part.

My jaw dropped when I read that you met Bruce & Denny. I have the idea in my mind they were both great guys and loved what they did.

This kit sorely tempted my wallet when it was released but I never did buy it. Now they are quite hard to find with a price to match.

I can’t wait to see you breathe your magic onto this wonderful beast.

I have, unbuilt, MPC’s 1/20 M8D which is a great comparison with 1/20 single seaters. Can you still hear and feel the roar of a field of Can-Am cars?


It’s nice to be back for sure. But in August the Retina surgeon is starting the eye injections again and that will keep me away from the bench till I can see well enough after each injection, which is one per month for the rest of my life. Maybe stretch it to 2 months between shots. This time I’ve requested a brand new vaccine just approved by the FDA that’s way more effective then what I’ve received in the past. The 10% effective rate that just stops the disease is pretty low. I’m hoping that the new vaccine if available will give me better odds.



Nice to have you back again as well.
Back in the late 1960’s and early 70’s track/pit access was pretty easy at Bridgehampton and Limerock Park. I still remember the just how loud those Can Am cars were going through Echo Valley, and one of the main reasons why the NYC folks that had summer/weekend homes near the track eventually got the track closed, and it became a golf course. Still, some of the track to this day does remain. But from what I’ve heard, only golf carts run on them.


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It is great to see you back building Joel and on a classic kit that I didn’t know existed. I thought only the old 1:18 Tamiya kit was the only option. The engine and box look very good. Certainly looking forward to the rest of it.


Great stuff Joel, off the line on this build in fine style! Really good to see you at the bench as well, I hope things keep moving in the right direction there mate!

Cheers, D

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If I remember that kit correctly, it was originally motorized, had a very simple front and rear suspension, but did have a decent looking Chevy big block. The kit is the 1968 M8A which is basically the M8B without the wing. Just checked evil bay and the asking prices are truly insane.

Michael & D,
thanks guys. It really feels nice working at the old bench. I’m just hoping that the brand new FDA approved eye vaccine gives me better odds then the 10% my eye surgeon gave me with the current vaccines.