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ACE first 1/35 project : 0,5t Light truck 4x4 Iltis

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At long last! Oneof my favourite 4x4s that has been overlooked for decades.

Some were used by the French Forces in Berlin


The Canadians and Belgians used it under the flag of Bombardier too…

Bombardier Iltis[edit]

A former Canadian Forces Iltis at the Canadian Forces Logistics Museum, hitched with a trailer and mounting various modifications.

Volkswagen announced the construction of a $CAD 100 million dollar plant to be constructed after Bombardier received the rights to manufacture the Iltis in Canada.[6] Volkwagen picked Barrie, Ontario, at first, but agreed to allow the vehicles to be constructed in Valcourt, Quebec, instead.[7]

In 1983, Ottawa announced the purchase of 1,900 Iltises for $CAD 68 million, with a grant of $CAD 1.3 million grant to expand the production line and $CAD 700,000 for Bombardier to manufacture and market a civilian version of the Iltis.[6] In 1984, Bombardier-made Iltises were sold to Belgium.[6] In 1985, Ottawa purchased 600 Iltises under a $CAD 15-million contract.[6]

All Bombardier production was halted by 1986
(source: Wikipedia)

oh yes please!
Maybe we’ll see some upscaling of some of their 1/72 range … can but hope.

Looking forward to this small release. It will sit next to my CMK Munga and Takom T3 crew-cab transporter. I purchased the Y-Modelle Iltis a few years back but no build was involved as it was metal and pre-assembled. But… it WAS an Iltis!

A little off topic since I see my local museum here.
That building of Canadian Forces Logistics Museum is demolished and the museum is moved to an other building at the base and no longer open for the public. The vehicle in the picture is now “somewhere” in the base.

it was time ! I hope the canadian version with the bombardier logo will be included in the kit

Dont ask why the Bundeswehr is putting a premium SUV suspention and executive level seats into their jeeps, ask why Your army isnt.


They could re-do their erc-90 sagaie in 1/35… tiger models hasn’t been proactive about this one…

Not sure of the actual scale for this Iltis. The story lead indicates 1:35 scale, but everything I see from Ace on the HLJ site shows 1:72 for their vehicles. The Iltis wasn’t listed yet.

Ace says 1/35.

That’s exactly why the news says “ACE first 1/35 project : 0,5t Light truck 4x4 Iltis” :wink:

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I made about 7000 km on the Iltis during my army time, so this is a “must have” for me … :hugs:

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A favourite of mine, will get at least one. I too have the 1/35 die cast.