ACE Centurion Mk 5/1

After wanting to build centurion for long time I finally got around to doing it.
Of course it was Australian one, cause no skirts and no skirts looks good.
As expected parts have quite a bit of flash but ive seen worse, also lots of parts for a 1/72 kit (hub caps separate etc)
Most frustrating so far have been tracks, nearly put me off from moving on
Some details are missing so those were scratched.
Anyway, pics
Turret, added cast texture

Searchlight and bigger stuff

Turret details added, hull mostly done, running gear added, tracks still removable


That is looking remarkable for a 1/72 model.

Had some issues adding pics, last 3 were missing.

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It ia hard to believe that is 72nd … Amazing work

Is the PE included with the kit?

Yes, there is two small PE sheets included for bore evacuator counterweights, fender brackets, periscopes and stowage basket mesh.

Thanks for kind words, anyway forward we goo…

Base coat, mixed greens and browns(some yellow may have been too) for drab look, and then lightened coat applied sparingly

Details were painted, some bits a bit greener, to appear as replaced with new part and did not spare too much effort for rubber rims- will be covered with mud anyway.

And then tracks got some more attention, along with light chipping.

This will be it for two weeks now, till i get more benchtime and more paints.


Wow. Thats is beautiful

Hmmm…I built the Ace Centurion, too, but I like yours better! :+1: :+1:

Awesome looking model!