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The Memoir of Eighth Air Force Fighter Pilot Lt Col Wayne K Blickenstaff in his own words.

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Chuck Yeager also had 5 confirmed kills in one day.

So weird - I don’t get the LOL or FUNNY reactions.

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I am interested in his story. A lot of aces-in-a-day did not write memiors; there may be detaile daccounts of the fight, but not of their career. Hub Zemke’s book was verty interewsting - almost every ace’s memior I’ve read has been. Many achieved ace on a single mission. Preddy got 6 on August 6, 1944; apparently the gun camera film for the mission still exists, saw it in a PBS special about the 8th AF. USN top ace Campbell scored almost half of his 34 kills in 2 missions. Whether virtuoso performances like Lieutenant (JG) Vernon E. Graham over The Slot or Jeff DeBlanc over Kolombangara, or the pilots of the Palm Sunday Massacre, most are incredible.

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