Ace Model: V-100 Commando | Armorama™

Ace Models adds the Cadillac Gage Commando to its list of 1/72 scale offerings.

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The version depicted in the kit is a Vietnam-era USAF M706 Commando. These were used for base perimeter defense.

Some examples:


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At Da Nang in 71 we had 4 of them and one M113 I was assigned to the M113 . I wish they made a good USAF v100 in 1/35

Hobby Boss makes an M706E2 in 1:35, I doubt the interior is correct but you do a have a base model.

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Don’t know how accurate it is, but directions that show the interior can be seen here:

After 50 plus years I dont know how accurate my memory is either lol.
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MMK from Czech Republic makes an update set for the M706 and complete interior for the V100 as well.


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