Acrylic German Primer Red?

Looking for a quality acrylic primer red.

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I like Ammo One shot primer, although they do not have a red but brown oxide, and the same for Vallejo and AK (their reds are too reddish)… I would use their grey primer and then my favourite red paint over it.

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If you’re looking for a German Red Primer paint color, you could try AK or AMMO, or Scale 75 Warfront. Pretty much every paint company makes a German Red Primer paint or set. AMMO makes a modulation set.

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Thanks, I mixed up some Tamiya flat red and added Tamiya hull red to get a shade that I liked.
I’m also tried Mission Models primer red and found that real easy to use.


I used to use Tamiya’s Fine Line Primer in Red Oxide for my German tanks; but now is hard to find and expensive. I have a can or Mr. Hobby’s Mr. Finisher Red Oxide primer; see how that works out.

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I’ve got both those cans but I wanted to use my airbrush to get in tight areas.

Vallejo has it as does Mission Model.

I can give the Mission a big thumbs up as it went down nicely and required no thinning and had no smell.
No smell!

Fairly new primer color from Tamiya:

Great stuff! - Somewhat hard to find though.

(Just supporting SableL’s earlier comment above.)


Makes for a great boxcar red as well!

And a nice brick red too.