Adam Savage Builds Model Paint Storage Racks! | KitMaker Network

Adam just received a full complement of Mission Model's premium hobby paints, and he embarks on a speed build of portable paint racks to properly store the over 120 bottles. It's the perfect example of a build that Adam loves constructing manually with the mill and table saw, even with access to laser cutter nearby. Adam can't wait to put these paints to use!

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Be nice to receive “a full complement of Mission Model’s premium hobby paints”. Pretty sure I could build Model Paint Storage Racks that could compare favorably to Mr. Savages’



That is cool . The portable aspect is nice

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I agree on the portable aspect. The walls of my workshop are cluttered up a bit with paint racks. You could set them up for specific interests and only bring them off a shelf when needed.


This is an excellent publicity stunt for Mission Model’s premium hobby paints, but the quality of the racks seems a bit dodgy


Enjoyable video. Gratifying to watch him flub doing math in his head but not in a schadenfreude way - rather as ‘been there, done that.’ It is a good reality check that even these admirable professionals goof, can’t find things, and get splinters. I am also very interested in his stash of other paint brands.