Adam Wilder - Layering Techniques | Armorama™

Throughout this new book published by AK-Interactive, Adam Wilder will show how layers allow the modeler to obtain much more of a striking, realistic-looking result.

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What tank is that on the cover? It looks vaguely familiar but I can’t put my finger on it….

Looks like the Meng A39 Tortoise. Although why it’s in Soviet markings is another question?

Yeah that’s what I thought

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It clearly states why on the book cover - “Modeling Theoretical Soviet Subjects of the Great Patriotic War”.

You’re right and I didn’t pick that up. But that’s damn small text though when you’re looking on your phone and you can’t zoom in on the pics.
The post title should have made that more clearer to avoid the confusion. I’m not the only one who was.

Yeah same here, missed that.

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