Adding pictures to a post

Hello my name is Robert I am new to the site, was wondering when I add a picture to a post how is it stored?
I have no photo hosting site like photo bucket, any picture I use would be from my own computer.

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You can drag’n’drop, actually. You may have limits on uploading until your account has been open long enough.

I just dragged this over from my second monitor and dropped it into this reply.

Thanks for the quick reply, that will be a big help.
Nice Mustang.

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I think I am at trust level 2, I think i can now add a few pictures to a post.

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So my oldest bestest friend has a 2017(?) Mustang. He now lives in a small town. One day a couple of summers ago he’s out for a drive and enjoying the afternoon. He cut off a biker in his blind spot. If someone said to you, “picture a stereotypical biker” - that was this guy. Long story short. The two “met” at the next intersection (this is a rural highway / road we are talking about). My friend having realized what he had done owned the incident, apologized profusely and defused the situation. Mr. Biker Man accepted his apology and as he was walking away he turned and said, “by the way, nice car.”

A few weeks after that he was pulled over by a provincial police officer for speeding. Again, my friend owned his actions, and confessed he got “lost” in the drive and wasn’t paying attention - the cop had him, no use fighting he figured. The officer knocked the ticket down to something less painful than it was going to be (it still stung, but…). And yep, as the cop was walking away, he turned to my pal, and said, “Nice Mustang.”

The moral of the story is, own your mistakes and drive a really cool car.


Good to see you here Robert!

Great story Evan, had a few muscle cars in my day did a few dumb things also, and enjoyed every one of them, lol.

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Thanks Jim glad to be here.

Welcome Robert, hope you enjoy it here.

As @brekinapez said, you can drag and drop, you can upload direct from your phone gallery or laptop/PC gallery /desktop etc, you can also take a picture while in a post using your phone (if it has a camera obviously lol) and load direct as you do the post. Lots of options, and all really easy.

Hope to see some of your efforts soon.



Thanks John for the welcome. I hope soon I can start a topic on a 75mm Black Crow resin figure the figure is Kyra, thanks to all for the welcome.