Adjustable track jig sources US preferred

I don’t feel trying to scratch build a jig to assemble those sometimes frustrating indy link that require glueing. Any of you guys have a recommendation and US based source, I’ve seen a few in some WIP posts prior but didn’t mark them. Some kits provide one usually from replicating the drape but I can swear I’ve seen a metal adjustable unit for doing long runs and that’s what I’m after.

Thx guys

What kind of indy tracks are you trying to build and for which AFV?

There is a Trumpeter tool, here from an US vendor:

Also from AK Interactive, they may have an US distributor:

And a couple ones that you can print yourself:

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Kinda sounds like Trumpeter jig that Carlos posted.

Another option, I like HobbyTrax jigs.

You can view them here. HobbyTrax (US)

Not sure why their website isn’t work but this US company seems to have some in stock.

I think I have bought from them at a contest but not online.


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Sorry for the delay, traveling for work. The majority are plastic link, some link and length w Tamiya. The ones that have me stumped right now are for a StugIII from Dragon w those wonderful single piece links. I tried to make a rough jig w balsa to gameplan with but wasn’t to content. I thought a jig that was adjustable for different widths would be the ticket one with some hefty to it too.

The HobbyTrax Budget multi-tool, have washers as spacers and made of metal so adding glue (minus CA) it doesn’t stick.

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