Advice for figures for a "what if" WW3 diorama

Dear all!

I considered building a “what if” 1/35 World War 3 diorama, ca 1985. One could perhaps use Tamiya´s Modern US Army Infantry and some figures from the Dragon “Elite Forces” and “Desert Storm” series.
Would there be any other good or better alternatives? And for USSR figures (infantry, summer/autumn), are there any alternatives? (I did try Google…)

Any advice or recommendations would be highly appreciated!



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Giving this another try, any idea would be appreciated!

What about these ?


For US troops you could also probably use vietnam war figures. A great range of poses, scenes and manufacturers.

Not too many choices for US figures of mid 80’s aside from what you’ve mentioned. I would just add the ICM US figures set that has been released in various boxes, but they are appropriate as well.
Vietnam figures would not be the best choice aside from as a basic starting point for conversion. The equipment had changed by the mid 80’s and those figures are usually sleeves up for hot weather…


If you’re talking say, NATO’s Central Region then you’ll be pushed to find much without converting. Assuming you want action poses than as you’ve already identified, Tamiya’s US sets might suffice with a bit of bulking out; they are a little diminutive I feel.

For Soviet forces, again assuming action, to be honest there’s practically nothing out there. One solution might be to utilize WW2 figures and modify the uniforms; converting the high collars of the WW2 tunic will be a real chore so one way around this might be to add Milliput to represent the Soviet issue camouflage coverall, which certainly in the mid-80s was being used more and more as a normal combat uniform. You’ll have to find weapons accessory sets for AK 74s (or modify AK 47s) but that shouldn’t be a show stopper. Ditto personal kit - ammo pouches, entrenching tools, respirator haversacks, are all easily knocked up in Milliput, but the real chore is the time this all takes.

So, all do-able; the penalties being time and effort, not forgetting research.

Lastly, if you want to depict chemical attacks, or even nuclear, and wish to model the protective suits and masks, then there’s pretty much zilch.

Dear all! So, it turns out that there aren’t many kits available that show 1985 troops like I was hoping for. But no worries, I’ll use my original idea for figures. Thanks for your help!

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