Advice needed B-25J interior colours?


I’m getting ready to make a start on the Hasegawa B-25J that I got for my birthday (thought I’d better not seem ungrateful and leave it lingering too long), but I need a little advice and confirmation on the interior colours before I start.

Hasegawa recommended using Zinc Chromate green for the whole interior. But going from memory, this isn’t quite right for a late war aircraft. Would I be correct with the following colours and order:
Bombardier’s position: Zinc Chromate green
Cockpit: either dull or bronze green.
Bombay and landing gear bays: unpainted aluminium.
Turrets: ZC green.
Rear fuselage aft of bombay: Either ZC green or unpainted aluminium? Possibly rear gunners position too?
I remember reading something a while ago that North American wanted to get as many aircraft out as they could and any interior that wasn’t going to be visible, they stopped painting to save time and costs.

Any advice is appreciated.



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There are at least two walk arounds that may answer your questions.
A sample:


Ah, so that’s the area immediately aft of the cockpit just before the bombay?
That would be very helpful, have you got links?
I’m finding a lot for restored aircraft but I’m wary of the accuracy of restorations.