AEF Designs M88A1 Interior--instructions?

Anyone have a copy of the AEF Designs instructions for their M88A1 interior?

Yes, I have experience with AEF Designs and I know their instructions are…lacking…to say the least but I nevertheless wanted to take a look at them.

I’d gotten about halfway though building their M88 interior before I lost interest and traded it. That set didn’t come with instructions either but I was able to get most of it together using various reference photos.

Guess I’m really glutting for punishment doing this a second time. :slight_smile:


Why do you not us the MR Modellbau Kit? MR 35031. It should be more accurate then AEF

Life’s too short to mess with AEF Designs garbage. It’s 90% scratchbuilding anyway.

@Rabbits For better or worse, I’ve already got this and several other AEF sets in the stash.

@SSGToms You’re not wrong. There are at least a couple useful “blobs”

@Sherb will these help?

Wow ! Much clearer than other AEF directions I’ve seen.

@gtdeath13 thank you so much, those are awesome. I had to check the first pic a couple time to make sure those were really for the AEF set. As @Seanmcandrews wrote, those are much clearer than what they usually include—a front and back paper with a couple random sketches.

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