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Stealing a page from Damien and merging it with an list I started. Let’s have a place to propose and discus upcoming aircraft builds. [Here’s the original thread.] AeroScale :: More New Campaign Ideas) We got a couple of campaigns kicked off from this (Siege of Malta and Mud Movers) so here’s a starter list.
Manufacturer – Looks like we’ve done Hawker, de Havilland and a couple of Grumman builds. We should give someone else a chance.
Molder – We’ve done 10 Airfix campaigns, a Frog and a Matchbox. How about one of the other molders; Hawk, Heller, Hasegawa, Tamiya, there’s plenty of choices. This could also open up cross site opportunities as most of these molders do more than planes. Hasegawa picked up some votes lst time.
Pearl Harbor 80 – Is it too early to start planning for December of 2021? Planes, ships and mini subs? Picked up a couple of votes.
Trainers – A break from OD and dull grays, bright yellows, reds and whites.
Aggressors – Again a break from dull camos, some really interesting color schemes on otherwise drab planes.
Recon – Anything purpose built or modified to carry a camera.
No Wheels – anything on floats or skis
Gliders – Purposely enginless
Swords into plowshares – Military aircraft repurposed to civilian use. Could include civilian aircraft converted to military use.
Double Nuts – colorful commander’s birds. Michael proposed this one, I don’t think we were up to ten yet.
Battles – Guadalcanal, Battle of Britain, Siege of Malta have already been done. How about Midway. Coral Sea, Battle of France.
Airliners – focus on commercial carriers instead of military carriers.
Russian Subjects – self explanatory?
Small wars – Vietnam, South America, Middle East, Africa, Desert Storm
Nose Art – colorful options.
Japanese Subjects – any period.
Phoes of the Phantoms – we’re doing a Phantoms 60 campaign, how about the planes they flew against?
The Fabulous '50’s – Kind of a second golden era of flight. Vehicles that achieved fame in the 1950’s. New jets were popping up all over the place. And automobiles discovered chrome and fins. So there’s some cross site opportunities. Saber Jets, Century Series, T-birds and Corvettes.

Any other ideas? Any votes for existing ideas?


How’s about invasion stripes. Any allied aircraft, any scale, that sports the black and white invasion stripes, including any modern aircraft with memorial schemes?


Cheers, Jim.

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That’s kinda neat, I saw a post somewhere today with a B-52 in Normandy Stripes. Would you consider other stripes? IIRC SW Pacific had white stripes for ID and there were yellow stripes for Korea. Any other conflict have ID stripes?

Yeah, any would do, the larger the scope the more potential participants. I just know I have a Revell(Special Hobby) 1/32nd Tempest I would love to get to as my first attempt at invasion stripes!

However I have always wanted to build an f16 Arctic aggressor too…Ha! In fact you could do aggressors and the original aircraft the schemes are replicating…

Thanks, J.

I like the idea of a invasion stripe campaign! Count me in with this! :smile:


For battles, how about something like Sevastopol? You could do land and air easily. There is a sea aspect, but I’m not sure how well represented Black Sea fleet subjects are.

Yeah Ezra, I really like this Belgian scheme. Would be great to see it.

Cheers, J.

I’m surprised. I though that I had more candidates, maybe a B-26, a couple of P-47s, a P-51 and a C-47. I also have this from Hobby Boss:
I don’t know if the yellow stripes that the UN forces used of ID bands qualify as invasion stripes.
And my Frog / Novo P-51A has this for one of it’s options.

First Air Commando Group. :wave:

Does anyone have any ideas if or when the Invasion stripe campaign my start? Also will there be a rule of no previously started kits? Because i have the horrible 1/72 academy F-16 which i just remembered I had, the only thing is i started doing a little scratch building in the landing gear bays. So if this campaign goes on will i be allowed to enter it?

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There is no start date yet for an invasion stripe campaign. We’re just discussing Ideas for future campaigns. I’m not sure there really is even a process for campaigns on the new site. In the old world someone would have proposed the campaign, suggested a time frame, laid out some rules (including % started), and promoted the idea. Once they had 10 interested modelers, they could submit a proposal. Once the Campaign administrator approved the campaign and set the dates, the modelers could enlist and start planning their builds. Or over on Automodeler they could start slagging whatever poor fool decided to build a Chevy.

As far as I know the old “campaign” as such is pretty much dead. The Group Build forum is a place for members to propose a group build and then just see if they can make it fly. I don’t know of any mechanism on the new site for proposing and approving things, I think it’s just going to be an open process. I also haven’t heard anything solid about a way to award ribbons, or anything like that.

Bottom line, if you’re interested in starting a group build around invasion/ID stripes, go ahead and start a thread in the Group Build forum and see who joins in. Time frames, whether a kit has to be unstarted, and other rules are up to you.


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OK, I’ll float this idea with some trepidation after recent events on this continent.
At the top of the page I listed a number of ideas, Is it time to vote on them and see what floats to the top? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :wave:

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How about Fighter Group or Squadron specific builds? There is almost an Infinate number of possibilities if you factor in British, American, German, et al who participated in WW2.

I know the old P-47 SIG did a number of squadron specific builds, I don’t see why not. You might also add a complication of time limits or not. While some units only exist for a short period of time, I’ll bet that there are squadrons that spanned a couple of conflicts or even a few decades. Biplanes, Props & Jets?

1 vote for invasion stripes.


I might be interested in a squadron specific build. If it were a squadron that spanned multiple conflicts that would be a plus. An RFC/RAF squadron would be cool.

If someone were interested in one of Richtofen’s Jastas from WW1 that would be interesting also.

I don’t know if there are enough people to get to a critical mass for something like that though as I think about it, I might be too picky about interesting formations…

For the future have you considered a campaign on interned aircraft?