Aeroscale notices

Okay I give, what am i missing? is this going to be the norm from this site when i visit. half of what I read is spamming articles?

is there a setting to blow this off or is it just the forced feeding way it is going to be?

“Spamming articles”, do you mean the news and reviews posts from the content site?
Andy :slight_smile:

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I totally get this is someone elses sandbox to play in, and they can run it however they want and if I dont like it I can take my shovels elsewhere ;).

I am just trying to understand why is the aeroscale side being hit so hard with system postings but the other sections are not? And by spamming articles I ment how are the postings be chosen? The system or a admin?

A lot of postings have come up as the Aeroscale content side has only just gone live, so the system adds the forum post as each content item is read.
Hope that helps.
Andy :slight_smile:

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I did post about this btw. And there are ways to mute categories you aren’t interested in. They even hide those category topics from the latest posts lists. I am starting to wonder though about how many members truly misunderstand the ‘mission’ of these sites and the community that was built around them. It’s about the content. News. Reviews. Features. Forums. See… forums is last. :slight_smile:

Seriously though if I wanted these sites to be about people forum postings. I would have just put up a forum. I hope people understand that because it’s how I think about EVERYTHING related to this whole shebang. And it’s why that even though we have about 1k active users in this new forum now. We have 100k+ unique visitors a month to the content sites. Cause… they wanna see the content. :slight_smile:

Sorry… I know I am razing you a bit with this. It’s just that we seem to have a lot of users mistaking that we are ‘just a forum’. It’s sort of like the people on YouTube who think that since I put a lot of videos up there I am ‘just a you tuber’.

Nothing wrong with any of that. Again, I was curious as to why its ONLY in the aeroscale side? So the rest of kitmaker doesnt do this? Again I guess I am lost.

AeroScale is the second to last of 6 sites that are moving to new content platforms in the past few months. So yes there have already been instances of 5-20 new articles doing exactly the same thing in recent weeks. And likely when we move Armorama there will be more. The system generates the topics when someone visits the page for the first time. So if we have 30 articles on Armorama when it goes live and all of them get visited in an hour, there are going to be 30 new content topics in the Armorama forum.

That’s just how this works out of the gate.


I recently started a new build thread- something I’ve been doing for years and years - and I put a lot of work into them. I’m a bit put off that I was, like everyone else, treated as a raw noob, with a lot of pointless exercises to gain enough status to post more then two pics, etc. I cannot find guidelines for image size restrictions etc. I’m not even sure if I’ve posted it in the proper place. All inquiries have led me to the old forum, where I gamely asked for help only to have the old forum cut off without a reply. Some help would be appreciated- cheers!