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African crew for all kind of technicals, pick ups and guntrucks.

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Not sure I’d be riding around with an animal known to start eating its prey from the rear end forward.

In some tribes in Ethiopia, Sudan and Nigeria, they’re domesticated.

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Until the point they aren’t. I recently watch a video of a camel biting a man to death after he punched it in the neck. Pretty sure the guy thought it was domesticated.

Next time, don’t punch a camel in the neck.

I’m pretty domesticated myself until you punch me in the neck; then it’s on like Donkey Kong. :rofl:


And you thought owning a pit bull was kind of iffy. . .

One of thosee would, I’m sure, certainly keep the cats off my wife’s snowdrops (my Cocker Spaniel being an epic fail in that regard).

But notice in the pic he still has a muzzle on. So how domesticated is it?

The figures are a worthwhile buy, I bought the whole group when they were first announced last summer/early fall. The DshK is quite nice, as are the figures and hyena. They’re waiting for one of my technicals to get finished in my other shop before I get to work on painting them.

So far as the wisdom of keeping a hyena as a “pet” is concerned, let’s not forget that a lot of these guys’ are khat users whose judgment is sketchy at best on good days.


Presumably less domesticated than the dogs in this list:

Dogs kill more humans than wolves,
possibly because there are more dogs than wolves
and we have the dogs in our homes around our family.
I suspect that the root cause of many/most of those
fatalities is poor training and handling of the dogs.
Dogs that need exercise can go nuts if they can’t let
their energy out in a positive way.
A LOT of dog owners should not be allowed to own a dog.

Video about spotted hyenas


Meanwhile in Russia. These soldiers say hold my Vodka.

The one with the vehicle would make a cool figure set.


Lots of people put muzzles on their dogs - I’ve even seen chihuahua with a muzzle!

Not only on dogs …


That was a muzzle with a Chihuahua… :wink:


That reminds me…