Aftermarket parts for 1/16 M1A2

Dear all!

I´m thinking about buying Tamiyas 1/16 M1A2 (the RC version) and been scouting the internet for aftermarket parts. I found pictures of people building a SEP v2 or the TUSK II versions from the M1A2. Have they scratch built everything or are there companies producing 1/16 parts?

Thanks in advance, regards Freddy

Special ops models does a few upgrades for that kit , here’s an ebay listing Special Ops 1:16 M1A1 & A2 Abrams Tank Tow Cable sets for Trumpeter or Tamiya | eBay but I believe he has a FB page as well.

Trex studios markets parts as well M1 Abrams Drive Sprocket Set - Old Version A, T-Rex Studio TR16009 (2020) . I think I saw the V2 parts on his FB page. I can add some more detail from work on Monday as I have a bunch of these bookmarked.

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Thanks! I would be extra interested in the V2 parts if you have any info at all :slight_smile:

Can’t really help with the parts, but if you need inspiration, have you seen this ongoing build? - M1A1HA, 6/1 Update, Headlights and Taillights - RC Tank Warfare -


Here is my 1/16 RC Tamiya as of last March, which was about 1 1/2 years into the build. I scratch build the BRE. Most of the stowage I’ve used is from special ops models. I made my own tow cables from real cable and the kit parts.

Lew’s Model Boats on Shapeways does some stowage and a printed BRE. I figured it would be too fragile since I intended to use mine as an RC tank for fun rather than the static model.

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Still not finished but kitted out.


T-Rex makes some great stuff, but unfortunately it’s ridiculously overpriced IMO. $50 for replacement smoke dischargers? $89 for new drive sprockets! No thanks…

Of course, you could go postal on this and order the Oz Armour M1 TUSK for it, as seen here: Armoured Models 1/16 M1A2 Abrams MBT TUSK 2 Kit - 3D Printed
Let me know how you go with that!

AFV Modeller also makes a set of replacement sprockets. A bit better priced then the T-Rex ones at 29.50GBP, but haven’t compared them to see if one set is better then the other.

T rex 1/16 Abrams parts Products

Special ops models offerings

and a FB build group for the Trumpeter kit Trumpeter 1:16 M1A1 Build Group

Thanks all! Loks like it is almost as expensive to buy aftermarket as it is to buy the model itself… :grimacing:

Here is another source of parts for the 1/16 tank. They (he) mostly do 1/6 scale stuff, but there is some nice 1/16 scale stuff also, for a number of different vehicles, including the Abrams. East Coast Armory – 1/16th Scale Sherman Detail Upgrades


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