Aftermarket sets for the C-47 skytrain

I’m thinking about superdetailing my revell 1/48th C-47 skytrain. So I would like to know if there is any companies out there that have superdetailing sets for this kit?
Thank you.

Ok thanks :disappointed:

There are a few more items out there for the classic Monogram kit, or generic items for both Monogram and Trumpeter.

C-47 aftermarket

There is an Eduards p/e cockpit set. Looks like several p/er sets for different parts of the C-47: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I didn’t know that trumpeter had the C-47 skytrain in 1/48th.

Also, how big of a difference are there between, the monogram kit to the trumpeter?

The Trumpeter kit is not viable for a WWII version as it has paddle style propeller blades. The rudder also lacks fabric texture although the other control surfaces have it. It’s a nice kit, but it has engraved panel lines, which ae also incorrect.
The Trumpeter kit also has separate flaps. Thr Mongram kit does not. I did some major surgury back in '83 and on my current Monogram build to lower the flaps (a la Shep Paine) but guess what? Most photos of C-47’s on the ground show them with flaps up.
I have four of the Momogram kits and one Trumpeter kit, but I’m happier with the Monogram offerings.