Aftermarket track troubles

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Recently got these plastic Type 97 tracks. Putting together one of the sprues, I already notice that some of them have trouble staying together and will detach as soon as picked up. Anyone have any advice for securing them? I don’t want to cement them but can’t think of much else.

These don’t have wires, they are supposed to click in place.

You could try dabbing rubber cement in each area where they join with a toothpick. It should help them stay together yet remain pliable.

Snap-together links are best assembled by gently tugging lengthwise on the link you are attaching, so the little nub that substitutes for a track pin doesn’t get sheared off when you press the links together. Hook one end of the link over the nub on the bottom end of the neighboring link, then tug as you press the top ends together. Tugging allows the end of the link to slip over the nub before you release it, and the link will work correctly. Of course, in some kits, the nub is simply too small, and they will fall apart when you try to articulate them. In that case, you’ll need to glue them.

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Edit - didn’t realize this was an older thread.

So how did the tracks work out? What was your solution?

Excellent advice above.

I’ve had snap links that were difficult to engage unless they were aligned properly in a jig. The issue being the nub/pin on one track needed to be aligned with the receiver hole.

They’d fit together but hadn’t snapped in place when I’d tried to assemble on my desk top.

I actually didn’t end up using them. I went with the vinyl tracks that came with the kit. I will probably assemble in sections using a dab of cement and slowly assemble on the tank

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