Aftermarket Tracks for Meng 1/35 IDF Namer APC?

Looking for any ideas you may have. I’m trying to figure out the most appropriate aftermarket tracks for the Meng IDF Namer APC. It appears that the Namer was built based on the Merkava Mk. IV chassis, but I looked up tracks for a Merkava Mk. IV, and they are not the same as the rubber band tracks that are included in the Meng Namer kit the rubber bands are the only kit supplied track option). So, I’m looking for someone with IDF expertise who could point me in the right direction. Preferably metal, but even any new 3D printed tracks would be fine with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Meng’s appear to be more akin to Master Club’s Merkava 3 track links.

Fruil Version:

Whether they fit or not I cannot say.

Namer with what seem to be Merkava IV type tracks.

Friul ATL 49 is a type of track not seen regularly. It was used on early Merkava IIIs, it is rare to see it even on Merkava III Baz tanks.

MASTERCLUB MTL-35205 Tracks for Merkava Mk.IIID is a good option for the Meng kit.

and Spade Ace Models 1:35 Scale Track Set No. SAT-075

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I just picked up this Namer kit on Friday! I was very disappointed when I saw the rubber tracks. I have a lot of IDF in the stash and that was the first thing I did was try to figure out what tracks I needed. I think I’m going to try the SAN XIN metal track for Merkava mk.3D.

There’s a Trumpeter set of workable MKIIID tracks! The tracks looks nice on the sprues, have good width… and it’s half the price of metal tracks.

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They are the same with the ones included in the Hobbyboss kits, they are a bit underscale, very slightly, but makes them look a bit on the thin side.

They way the end of the pins is rendered is a bit strange.

Too thin? I just checked the width. I’ll have to check it and see how they are versus the ones in Meng MKIIID (sadly not workable).

I was refering to the thickness of the material, not the width

I understood :wink: