Aftermarket Tracks

Does anyone sell length and link tracks in 1/35? If not what would be the easiest type for a semi new guy to build? I am tired of the rubber band type. Thanks.

Not really length and link but rather metal workable tracks:
There are other manufacturers like MasterClub (the ones that I’ve used until now, but being a Russian company they are becoming harder and harder to find outside of Russia now).

Individual link but super easy to build.

A little more involved but not difficult.

Like rubber band but better imho.

A lot comes down to the vehicle, unless the kit has link and length, it’s individual link for aftermarket in most cases.

Which tracks are you looking for?

You can build any of the individual link-to-link plastic track sets (AFV Club, Model Kasten, kit indy link tracks, etc.) as if they were link-and-length.

That’s actually my approach anytime I’m not building metal indy link tracks.

Build a simple alignment fixture out of a piece of sheet styrene (~.030" thick) and a couple of strips of rectangular styrene stock. Use a short length of styrene track (3-4 links carefully cleaned up and glued together) as a spacer to set the width between the rectangular styrene strips.

Use the assembled kit suspension to provide the length for the bottom, flat runs (bottom dead center of the first and last roadwheels or axels). The other short lengths leading up from the road wheels to the idler wheels and drive sprockets are easy to measure. Use a few individual links to make the turns. After gluing up the top run, allow the glue to set for a few minutes, then mold the top run to provide the cantilevered drapes between the return rollers or the drape between the drive sprockets and idlers.

You can leave all of these individual lengths separate to finish and then glue them all together during later assembly stages (depending on your personal finishing methods).

DML link-to-link plastic tracks built for a Tamiya M10:

DML link-to-link plastic tracks provided with the DML StuG IV:

(As shown dry-fitted together after painting as a test.)