AFV Club 40 mm Gun Motor Carriage M34 | Armorama™

New 1/35 kit of a Korean War USA 40 mm Gun Motor Carriage M34

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This is way cool! Remember what Stevie Ray Vaughn said . . " If the wheels are a Rockin’ don’t come a Knockin’ " :wink:

Cajun :crocodile:

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Does this mean we might get a new line of US half tracks from AFV Club?

M16 “Meat Chopper” was released in 2020
so the M34 would be the second kit in what we can hope will be a series of kits

Yeah, that’ll be grand; a series from AFV, next one due 2026… taking bets now on which one it will be.

Would surely be great to see a regular WWII APC version in this series - soon.

Hoping for an M15! But this is a dream come true in the meanwhile.

Hmm. Wonder if I could convert her to an M15 Special, the one with the 40mm. Not that I’m complaining about the M34, mind you.

Commander Models have conversions to make an M15 or M15A1 based on the
M16 halftrack from Dragon.
Maybe some of those parts could be useful for an M15 special?
Scroll down to ‘Conversions’