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New Amphibious Assault Vehicle-7A1 RAM/RS w/EAAK in cooperation with Hobby Boss

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i don’t know much about rhis vehicle, did it see any active service in any of the recent conflicts?

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Yes, they were used in Iraq up through the late 2000s. They are technically still in use by the USMC, but a few of them sunk and a bunch of Marines drowned, resulting in them being banned from maritime operations.

The kit is the excellent Hobby Boss kit with a few new pieces added (flotation rings and ropes) and Taiwan decals. I would just get the Hobby Boss kit as AFV Club’s repops are way more expensive.


Odd joint venture given Hobby Fan is a part of AFV Club, and do the EAAK as a kit. Why not box those two? But as Gino said, the Hobbyboss kit is worth the month itself.

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