AFV Club Aussie M113 ?future release

Just had a look at the AFV Club MRV and noted some interesting parts on sprue R and led me to speculate that AFV Club my release an Aust M113 1990s (E. Timor). below is an M113 in E. Timor
front indicators

spare T150 track links

Front sprocket and rear indicator mounts

I hope this is the case.


So do I!

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Interesting that they would do a separate release for this one - then again they have done similar with their Centurion kits.

Those knock out pins on the track pads do not bode well… typical AFV Club though.

In regard the MRV kit itself, apart from the turret that is just the old one that still has issues, the new kit does not address the missing canvas boot for the barrel, which all in service vehicles had:


Note the IR searchlight - the same one as on the Schutzenpanzer Marder:


ehm… it is a different turret?


Hi Petbat,
The knock out pin marks are on the underside of the track link. I understand about the barrel shroud should be an easy fix but can you advise me as to the issues with the turret itself as I am unfamiliar with these concerns?


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I’ve heard people complaining about the AFV CLUB M113 and injector pin marks, does that apply to the nee Vietnam era version?

Hi David. The AFV Club’s Scorpion turret has well documented shape issues. When you take a closer look it is very apparent. From another post I did on another thread here:

Nope. AFV Club may have tweaked the outside shape of the old turret but it still has the same incorrect upper turret configuration including oversized hatches, etc. Someone on another site compared the sprues in both kits and also confirmed this.

I think he is talking about your pics. The last one looks like a German Marder III turret.

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The Marder turret photo is being used to show that the seachlight mounted on the Scorpion turret is the same as the one mounted on the Marder turret (the square box with doors open on the Marder and closed on the Scorpion).

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Thanks for the info on the turret, had seen the picture before but was looking at the detail and not the overall shape and can see what you have said, looks like I’m doing another purchase. The turret is still the 1995 Scorpion release, the only new part is a mantle moulded in clear.

Klaus-Adler, I had no concerns with the kit, the worst pin marks from memory were the roof cargo hatch


and some of the finished kit

Replacements were Master Class tracks, Master Models .30 cal barrels, exhaust pipe made from aluminium tube and Star Decal Australia in Vietnam # 4. I rebuilt the ammo box storage rack and used individual AFV Club 30 cal ammo boxes.

Enjoyed the build and like the kit.


I’m currently building AK35291 (Australian M113 in Vietnam) and just noticed that the clear Q sprue has the rear indicators but sadly doesn’t have those parts 6 and 5 to hold the lights. I’m building a more modern version of M113 and have already scratch-built the front indicators. The rear “caged indicators” are harder to make.
Also on the clear sprue are fairly large round pieces clearly for a search light or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if a NZ version is released – those seem to have large searchlights mounted next to the gun(s).


Welcome! That’s some nice brass work there.


I hope AFV Club does a modern version of the Aussie M113s; mainly the M113AS4.

Same goes for making modern renditions of the M577 (M1068A3 SICP) and the M106 (M1064A3)


Grey Fox models has just announced a set of “Mid” in service indicators. And I have a set of late/final ones in the works.


I’ve ordered about a half dozen Grey Fox Models items and they are outstanding. Top quality and great value. Unique items, too.