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AFV Club announced another 1/35 scale Centurion kit, a Mk 5/1 from with markings for a unit of the British Army of the Rhine.

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This one was a long-time coming and eagerly awaited! I wonder if this variant ever sported the “Berlin Urban” camo scheme which is not only cool looking but works surprisingly well in gritty and grey Berlin.

Sadly not, only Chieftains I believe.

Technically, the Berlin Brigade were not part of British Army of the Rhine but that’s splitting hairs a bit; the Armoured Squadron did rotate from amongst the BAOR regiments. I am fairly sure that the searchlight was a Berlin only modification but am happy to be corrected. At this time it’s also documented that the tanks were in a US OD.

On Hobby Link Japan’s site, they showed AFV Club’s Israeli M38 Jeep w/TOW and an Australian M113A1 w/T50 turret.
Australian Army M113A1 APC T50 Turret Vietnam War by AFV Club (

Yes, seen but always good for a re-visit; note also the British Army use of the MUNGA as well. Note that the antennae on the tanks are painted in stripes. I think it is in the Osprey book on the Cent that indicates that these were red and white, which might be the case for sort of “presentational” reasons but I would have hoped that they were either OD or Bronze Green broken up with white; after all, the idea is to render them invisible not to add to their presence!

The troops in 1949 Pat Battledress is also of interest; One wonders why they were not wearing the green Combat Dress? Again, I can only think that there were quasi presentational/diplomatic reasons at the time (the Wall had just been erected); only the Brititsh Army could go to war in a collar and tie.

The Infantry on the tank would make for an interesting model perhaps using the Miniart Tank Riders set as a basis but a lot of work converting the uniform and personal equipment and weapons.

Too bad, it would have been interesting to see it painted that way, though Chieftains were cool in their day as well. I enjoyed seeing them on parade at the Queen’s Birthday.

I must agree; I think the Cents with their boxy stowage bins would have looked even better than Chieftain - perhaps a “What-If” one day? (like I’ve nothiong else to build).

The more I look at the AFV Club Berlin model the more I can see myself weakening and getting one - the Pathe news clip helped.