AFV Club founder has passed

AFV Club just has informed about the passing of its founder Mr Tserng MH.

Oh damn!

I had just spoken to him right before I deactivated my Facebook account. He had just sent me a care package of kits and accessories and he seemed happy and in good spirits when we talked.

He was the reason AFV Club released an M16 half-track, like me he was a huge fan of the vehicle. He spent nearly 15 years researching it to get it right, I shared many photos from my personal collection with him. Hopefully this doesn’t mean the other planned half-track versions will get scrapped.

He was such a kind and generous guy in my experience, and there aren’t that many of those in this industry.

Rest in peace my friend.


M16 is the latest AFV Club kit I’ve bought. Sorry for you loosing your friend, Armorfarm. I hope their team will carry on their outstanding work.

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If it had been a U.S. company that would likely be the end of it once an investment outfit snapped it up.

Sad to hear about the loss. I hope the company keeps pumping out good kits. They have some really unique interesting subjects no one else has tackled.

I’m really looking forward to building my Dieppe Churchill from them