AFV Club M41 Walker Bulldog in progress

AFV Club 1/35 M41A3 Walker Bulldog WIP. Comments welcome.
Ready for painting. Not completely happy with the mantlet cover made with 2-part magic sculpt. First time trying, so o well…
The kit was good overall but there were a few annoyingly tiny parts that got lost during the build.


Hi James
Looks fine, though maybe too much sag on the tow rope?


Yeah, Mal, I’ve thought about it, but there were some photos showing some more sag so I left it as is. It may depend on how the chain is mounted.

Looks like a great build to me James. I think the Manley looks fine. You could go back and add some more folds with putty and try to blend it into the magic sculpt but it looks good to me. Nice details around it. I use apoxy sculpt and it can be smoothed out with water and a dental tool or whatever you use to shape it. Can’t wait to see it with paint !

Hi James
Cool. That 2nd pic shows the wire rope sticking out quite a ways from the hull, that’s likely to catch on close stuff - trees, vehicles etc, will depend on the operating environment.


A little practise with using the sculpt is all this needs a rounded toothpick and wetting the putty will set it apart,but to gig you on the toe rope,sounds like ipms or amps judges to me,the rope is just fine,swap toe for tow