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M51A2 5-Ton Dump Truck from AFV Club with positional dump bed.

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Discussed in detail and shown with lots of pics of a built up model last week here:

AFV Club M51 5-Ton Dump Truck #AF35322 - Armor/AFV / Cold War - KitMaker Network

Anyone doing resin wheels for this class of trucks?


DEF Model…

And Panzer Art.

Also Hobby Link…

I have used the Def Model and Panzer Art wheels, they are both good, but I prefer Def Model’s sets. I have had no issues w/Def Model’s wheels. They are excellent.

Panzer Art molds all 8 rear wheels with lug nuts on the inside, so 4 (maybe 5 - spare?) had to have them removed to seat properly on the hubs. Also, there are no lug nut holes on the spare, easy to fix w/a small drill. Lastly, they are a little tight on the AFV Club brake cylinders, almost too tight to fit. The PA Commercial tires are very nicely molded and look good. Their military tread ones look like copies of the kit parts, which look too square in cross-section to me.

I have not used the Hobby Link ones.


Having owned a bunch of US military vehicles and used them loaded, and probably to be honest overloaded, I never saw tyre sag ever unless someone had lowered the pressures.

See this photo, you can see the M37 is loaded (overloaded in all honesty) and the M35 the same. No Trye (or tire in the UK) sag (maybe on the M37) or barely noticeable in this scale in reality.

Just saying, maybe you dont need the resin after market



For me, it is not the sag that I replaced them for. The kit tires look too square at the shoulders compared to actual multi-directional mud tires. The resin ones look correctly rounded at the shoulders. Also, once on the truck, the above sag isn’t really noticeable.

Check them out on my M54 quad gun truck build.


Gino, when I received the M123 two-winch tractor from Hobby Link last year, I noted that the tires were almost rectangular in shoulder profile, rather than the more rounded profile on 1:1 scale items. I spent a couple of hours with a coarse sanding stick, rounding them off, but the outcome was a set of tires that more accurately represented the typical cargo truck tire.
I communicated with the Hobby Link owner, sharing my experience, which I added photos, before and after, to, He replied that he would look into revisiting the tires at the production end.
I have some photos somewhere “in the cloud” showing before and after. Somewhere…

Oh heck, just look in the thread above for my truck’s images. Forgot I placed them there earlier…

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