AFV Club released T132E1 track links

I’ve also got the 3 Italeri kits (M107, M110, M110A2), with the PE, metal tracks, drivers compartment interior, ammo, etc. I just started on the M107 to see how it all comes together. Having spent 5 years in M110A2 battalions, I want that to be one of “my” guns and detailed to the nth degree. I was using the M107 as the practice run. Now, do I continue to march, or hold until the AFV Club M110 comes out…

Gino, you are right.
We have been waiting far too long for the M992.

Um-Hum …?
When we were spoilt for choices and had a hard time picking which kit of the avalanches of new 1:35 kits that Italeri and Tamiya bestowed upon us. Occasionally there was something labeled ESCI …
Great days indeed … my eyesight was better and my hair was darker so there was that but otherwise I don’t miss those days. Wouldn’t mind being 25 - 30 again though …

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It’s just that inevitably perhaps I equate the DM with serving in Germany; when I got there for my second tour in BAOR, whilst the rate of exchange was not as good as it had been in 1971, serving there was still seen by British servicemen as being in the land of milk and honey (that is apart from the IRA and Baader-Meinhof groups trying to kill us). The 5DM coin for instance was a serious piece of coinage - hence my wistful memories of the Mark. All through rose-tinted spectacles I admit, and after say, 2-3 beers these days, in my mind I turn into that 20 year-old young Corporal.

Modelling-wise, I realized I had to put the hobby on hold for the rest of my career; it was simply too fragile to withstand postings every 2 years or so; there was a great modelling shop in nearby Moenchengladbach though.

That’ll do it just fine!

(Incidentally, in another part of my life I was PA for a while to John Illsley - the other salient figure in Dire Straits) - all a bit OT here!

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Back on topic.

Yee-Haw!! I can see a future where a couple of these tracks finds their way into my stash.

David Chou release these photos on his Facebook.

But no further information on the available date.


Thank you O Modelling God!

Opens trash can and discards Italeri kit: :grin:
I also hope for a foul weather protection one day.

lets hope they do the 578 as well as the gun tracks! Most (actually about half) of the M107’s started life out as M110’s, and it was also common to see an M110 with the M107 travel lock still in place. Units simply swapped out barrels and recuperators, and usually leaving the old travel locks still in place. Why the recuperator change I don’t know, but it also was changed out.

I have an M110a2 parked about twenty minutes south of me. There are some other small differences. Like stowage boxes built into the spade, and crazy as it seems; seat belts! Not real sure, but the controls for the crane a little different as well. I need to get back down there as soon as the display reopens (closed in the winter due to general mud). Somewhere in the mess at my house is a flash drive with a bunch of photos I shot of that track.

Bundeswehr Lehrfilm on M110 firing from the 1970´s

I think the answer here might be to purchase 1x of the AFV Club kit, but use it as a guide to detailing the Italeri ones; that’s what I plan to do - I might end up with a spare kit but I still think the Italeri models have some mileage in them (and I’m just loathe to get rid of them from my stash).

I too would welcome the cold-weather kit or at least a guide on how to scratch-build one.

Italeri kit was not bad for its time. It only lacks vital details on the gun mount. Hobby Fan adressed this problem with a quite expensive resin conversion. And of course the Italeri “rubber” tracks are a PITA.