AFV Club released T132E1 track links

Retail price of this kit is about $17 in Taiwan local hobby shop, cheaper than the Tiger’s track of the same brand.
There is not mentioned whether this kit is for Italeri old M110 series upgrade. Hope that imply AFV Club is on going M110 series project.

Nice. Now we just need a new/updated M110/M107/M578 to add them to. Maybe this is a teaser from AFV Club of a new kit coming. Fingers crossed.

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Seen at the IPMS nats in Vegas I believe. Saw a photo somewhere, I’ll try to dig it up .

Merit International, AFV Club’s US distributor, had sprues for an M110 in their booth at the Nats.

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Very cool.

Good Bye Italeri!

Great; needless to say both the Italeri M110 and the M107 are within my stash. Sigh.

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Not being an expert, I guess “short” means a short barrel… What should be needed to have the long barrel A2 version? (apart from waiting for AFV Club to release it also)

Only one of each??

Yup! Those springy, tough Italeri tracks are not for the faint-hearted. (I appreciate that the whole purpose of this thread is to identify tracks so I’m not uninterested, but sometimes I just wrestle with the kit ones as I’ve done on my M109; thank God for superglue and brass rod).

I tie down the tracks with sewing thread instead.
Works best with tracks that have central guide horns. Select a guide horn that will be above the axle of a return roller (Pz III / IV) or above road wheel (M107, M110, M108, M109, Panther, T-34 et.c).
Use a sewing needle to pull the thread through the guide horn. Tie the two ends of the thread
together under the wheel axle. Add a small dab of CA to lock the knot.

For Pz III / IV or other suspensions where there is a small sag before-&-after the return roller the thread can be pulled through two guide horns, one before and one after the axle. The thread between the guide horns needs to pass below the axle for this to work.

When the guide horns are on the outside edges of the track links (like Sherman VVSS) it is sometimes possible to pierce the track pad from front to rear edge. Some “weathering” will hide the thread if it needs to pierce the track pad and risks being visible. Tracks with chevrons are easier.

For all of those who know their tracks: Shermans have live tracks so they shall not sag.
The Italeri tracks (older type) were/are so darn springy that they want to form an oval and it does look most unrealistic when the top run is trying to get into the sponson above the track. Not to mention trying to lift the center bogie off the “ground” while tilting the front and rear bogies upwards.
I found an Italeri Kangaroo lying on its side in the display cabinet, it got flipped over when the track broke. I had glued down the front and rear bogies to get the wheels on the ground and this caused the track to break. No more vinyl tracks for me …


The only visible difference is the barrel. You should still be able to get an AM A2 metal barrel. Swap it out and you have an M110A2.

Barrel Depot M110A2 Aluminum Barrel.

Now if they would just come out with the M992 to go with their M109s, we will be set. First announced in 2014.


Thanks GIno, that helps a lot.

I just know that due to my perverse nature I will labour long and hard over the Italeri versions; why? Well, just because I suppose. I plan for my M107 to be a Brit version in transit - camouflage netting everywhere. I hanker to do the M110 in a firing position somewhere - possibly preparing to fire a nuclear round - again Brit. Luckily I have a former Royal Artillery soldier with experience on the real thing living not too far away so hope to poach his expertise to ensure I get the crew positioned correctly and all the extra kit bits and pieces not least the ammo displayed correctly. Procuring, let alone converting suitable figures for the timescale, will, as ever, be one of the salient problems. This is partly why both models are in the stash in the first place and not built(!)

I hear you. I have the Italeri M110, PE, BD M110A2 barrel, 3D printed interior, Spade Ace metal tracks, etc… I will fight it and get the results I am after too. We are just gluttons for punishment.

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Thanks Gino - 'glad it’s not just me then!

AFV Club would be foolish not to release further versions. They only need to make different metal barrels. Of course M578 would be cool, too. I remember buying the Verlinden converison fo 114 Deutsche Mark. Quite a lot when the base kit was about 30 Deutsche Mark. :roll_eyes:

Perfect Scale Modellbau, has the British version out as a complete kit!

Deutsche Mark? Aaaagh! Those were the days. God, I miss them so.

I’ve been looking for the M110A2 metal barrel for years and haven’t found one. Let me know if there is a secret stash of them somewhere.

I’d love to see the FAASV also.