AFV Clubs Stryker MGS 2010 build

Hi Everyone
so I have just finished the build process of this model. need to wait till it stops raining and sun comes out before I can paint it.

so WARNING first the kit has several different options which are not explained.
one being latest vehicle specification which is what I have built has for Ranges.
another version is the addition of battle field simulation equipment , now this includes some etch plates for this . do not fit them if you are not fitting the sim fire.
I added the smoke discharges with covers fitted and some Cam net to fill the basket plus stowage

I will be adding AFV Club Camouflage net to the hull and turret to hide a few mistakes.
overall good kit .


Yours or theirs?

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mine lol
plus want to depict a certain vehicle

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Looking nice.


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hi Ralph
thank you for the comment ossie

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