AFV M35 to M36 prime mover

Hi all, I’d like to share a project that I finished a few months ago and that buzzed around my stash since ‘99 :face_with_head_bandage:. It is the probably well known pic a boxed prime mover towing a Dozer. Originally identified as an M35 prime mover, it was then recognised as a guillotined M36 Jackson and put to good use by GIs. The AFV kit needed to be turned from Diesel to gas. I imagined full-stuffed interiors (with some license with regards to differences between M10 and M36) and a scratched kennel top. A small (stolen?!) trailer for general purpose was added as a plausible companion. Not the first time this particular vehicle was rendered, this is just my own interpretation.


Sorry, I just realised I posted the wrong place; not sure if I can shift this post

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is a nice realization, I probably would have chosen a heavier trailer but clearly it’s my point of view

It was my point either…:sweat_smile: but then I was simply tired because it took all my efforts to build the mover and when I picked up the ammo trailer from the “accessories stash” it asked me to get out the box. In the end I thought it made a contrast and finished the project that way.


Real nice build and finishes