AFV Modeller magazine issues #1 through #65 for sale

I hate to sell these… but I find myself urgently in need of some cash. I have all 65 of these issues for sale as a single lot or maybe split into 2 lots, although I’m debating whether or not to hang onto #11 for posterity (I have an article in that one). I also have the Tamiya anniversary special issue. All in excellent condition. I know their cover prices and that the publisher has been sold out of each for a long time, so this should be a good opportunity for a collector/modeller who entered the hobby more recently and is looking to fill out their collection with missing issues. Selling individually by issue doesn’t help me. I’m looking for somebody who wants them all, or perhaps 2 people who each want half of them.

If you’re interested, contact me ASAP with your offer. I really have no idea what back issues go for on sites like ebay, but I do have an idea of what I think is a fair price per issue.

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