AH-64 estimated MPG

Actually “flight time” is more the question. Basic SWAG, how long can an Apache stay aloft on a single fuel load? Also, I noticed IDF AH-64s have aux. tanks. Do US birds have this ability? (never seen them fitted, but maybe just for ferry flights?) What sort of extra fliight time would they give? Pondering a future project.

It has a range of 296 miles and an internal fuel capacity of 230 gallons. Based on my math, it gets about 1.29 miles to the gallon. This gives it a usable flight time of about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

External aux tanks are used on them for ferrying, but not in combat conditions. The aux tanks hold 230 gallons each and are the same ones used on a Black Hawk. Each tank gives an additional 2 1/2 to 3 hours of flight time. They can carry a max of 4.

Like I said above, external aux tanks are not used in combat on US Apaches. US machines now have an internal Robinson Aviation Combo-Pak fuel /ammo container, or “Robbie” tank in the ammo bay that extends range and still gives a significant ammunition carrying capacity. The capacity of the Robbie tank is 97 gallons, roughly an extra 125 miles of range or an added flight time of about 1 hour.


Thanks Gino. I have an old Academy AH-64A kit. Planning on building it as a “what-if” , de-mil ed, Border Patrol version. Figured the IR/TI set would be a great help (Armor might be handy too. I’ve heard of CBP helos having taken fire. True, the coyotes dont have DShKs … yet… but…) Replace the 30mm with a search light , slaved to the optics, for working with officers on the ground. (a couple Hellfires might be nice for giving the Zetas something to think about.) Was wondering if potential “patrol” time would be practical. 2.5- 3 hours , not bad. 2 tanks would give it 6-9 hour. Crew’s “ass time” becomes more of an issue. :scream: 'Course too much gas is better than not enough.

External fuel tanks are a fairly permanent feature of IAF AH-64s, combat missions included.

“MPG” with helicopters is a function of LOGW, Lift Off Gross Weight. Empty they generally have a range of 250 miles. In Iraq we would routinely add an 800 Gal goliath tank in the back end of the 47D’s

In the CH-47D Take Off weight “empty” is on the order of 32,000 Lb. And fuel consumption on the order of 1100 Lb of fuel flow per engine. Takeoff GW at 50,000 Lb (and I’ve taken off “above that”) and fuel consumption goes to 2000 LB per engine/per Hour.