AH/MH-6 SOAR Little Bird Reference

Since KitMaker is moving to a new platform, I wanted to link back to the archived site to still have these resources available.


Archived thread: AeroScale :: 160th SOAR AH/MH-6 Little Bird Info


good idea Gino, you might want to do the same with the helicopter crew figures as well, that too was a useful thread.

oh and i’m trying to organise a helicopter 2 campaign mate, you are more than welcome to join :slight_smile:

I’m working on it now, as well as the MH/HH-60G info thread.

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Thanks Gino, wouldn’t want that info going off into never, Neverland.

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It looks like the US Army is testing a “new” Little Bird concept - ULB (Unmanned Little Bird) Cargo Carrier. It can actually be flown by a pilot or as a remote/autonomous aircraft.

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Speaking of Little Bird references, I offer a small walk around of them on what used to be my 160th SOAR walk around which includes MH-47’s (very thorough, including one one skis) and MH-60’s. The thing has taken on a life of its own so now I just call the modern US Helo reference. In addition, it has the CH-47A with interior, CH-47D’s completely stripped down inside so that the framework is visible, and engines removed, the Winged “Super Chinook,” Sea Hawk from Coronado Island, a Jay Hawk from Coast Guard Station Astoria, and several Army firefighting Black Hawks. In all 1231 photos for that same low $16.00 price. It’d take ages for any one person to collect these. You get them virtually instantly via wetransfer.com. PM me if interested.