Aichi D3A2 Val Renders | AeroScale

Wingsy Kits has provided images of renders for their 1:48 scale Aichi D3A2 Type 99 ‘Val’

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Nice but we already have a nice 1/48 Val from Hasegawa.
Wingsy stepped up to the plate by giving us a Sonia - I’m sorry they didn’t choose a Jake or Alf instead of a Val .

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True, but that is a Model 11. This is the Model 22.

Hopefully a Jake is in the near future.

Yes, I wish someone would please release a decent 1/48 Jake or Yokosuka P1Y1

interesting but not exclusive as a subject…
How much longer will we have to “beg” for a JAKE!!!

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Looks nice.
Could really do with some new tool D3’s in 1/72.
I’m looking and currently the only kits easily available are Airfix’s ancient offering (started one last year and gave up) or ZTS Plastyk’s clone of Fujimi’s.

I’d like to see an injection modeled Mitsubishi G3M “Rikko” (codenamed “Nell” by the Allies. The Nell was an important twin engine Imperial Japanese Army bomber. Over 1,000 were produced and the saw action in the early years of the Pacific War in China, Wake Island, the attack on the Prince of Wales, the siege of Malaysia and Singapore, among other early battles. Koster produced one, but they are difficult to find nowadays.

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Agreed - a 1/48 Nell would be great . Maybe ICM will step step up to the plate .