Airbrush Cleaning Must-Haves

To keep your airbrush nozzles squeaky clean from now on, go on EBay and search “absorbent paper points”. You will come up with these, for $5.99 / 200 -

These are dental items but they are perfect for cleaning out airbrush nozzles. They are fine and pointed enough to go through the nozzle. Just soak your nozzle in lacquer thinner, then take it out, and using a tweezer, insert a dry paper point through the nozzle and twist away. You will be amazed at the amount of black gunk you will get out of your nozzle, with no risk of damage to the nozzle at all.
Use the medium for .5 and up, and the fine for .3 and down. You need these if you own an airbrush, you really do. I’ve been using these for years and my airbrushes perform perfectly [almost] every day.


Is there a certain size/colors that work better? I also see some with different tapers, how does that come in play?


I’ve not played with other types or tapers. I just know that this brand and size work great for airbrush nozzles.


Will add to the supply list!
Thanks Matt!

An acquaintance who’s deep into airbrushing, airbrush customization and collecting suggested these along a similar line.

I ordered some Dills this morning.


I use these ‘Pre Injection Swabs’.

I ended up buying them by accident- thinking I was ordering large wipes- was a bit miffed when I received four boxes of these wee things. But they turned out to be great- they will scrub any crud off the AB and they will also easily clean any other tools you have that need attention. I also use them to help strip paint off figure model sub-assemblies.