Airbrush issue

Just bought a Paashce dual action and went to spray Mr surfacer black 1500, thinned it 50% mr surfacer thinner and nothing came out at all , now I will admit Im a novice with dual action and Mr surfacer , did i not thin it enough?

Not a problem with the paint.
Does air come out when you depress the trigger?
Did you tilt back the trigger when depressing the trigger?
was the airbrush used and needed cleaning?

What pressure are you running? Paasches, at least the older ones, run at higher pressure. The instructions for mine say to start at 40psi and then adjust up or down as needed.

Inquiring minds want to know.

so im not a complete novice, always had single action , got back into the hobby and tried a Paache talon dual action , 2nd and 3rd time were better , but getting some spitting , then a nice spray , too thinned also today the trigger was sticking down for a split second extra even when i released my finger , yes i was at about 40psi ,

My guess if the trigger is sticking is that a breakdown and cleaning is indicated. That has happened to me. I reassemble with a dash of silicon lube - there might be some lube just for airbrushes too - to keep everything smooth.

If it is really bad break out the lacquer thinner for cleaning off any old paint residue.

I wouldn’t class myself as an expert at this so anyone is free to chip in!

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