Airbrushing Testors dull cote

I used to decant testors dull cote from the rattle cam for use in the airbrush. However recently I stumbled across it in a jar

I tried to dull cote a cockpit I am working on and couldn’t get it dull. No matter what I tried the sheen wouldn’t go away. I gave up and went to clean my airbrush by spraying some lacquer thinner through it. When I did this it seemed clogged… after a few minutes the clog loosened and a bunch of white crud flew out that looked a lot like the white matting agent in the dull cote. It almost looks like the carrying agent was spraying but the matte agent was getting stuck. This explains the lack of matte finish.


  1. does this stuff need to be thinned? The rattle can stuff didn’t need to be
  2. which nozzle size should I use?

I’ve always thinned it with lacquer thinner and have never had that happen. Did you shake it up before using?


Stir then shake well - thin 50/50 with
lacquer thinner .
I use Tamiya yellow cap . Do not use any lacquer thinner with leveling agents as these impart more gloss .

As Richard said; Use the Tamiya Lacquer thinner, not the X-20A Acrylic Thinner.

This one.

@mauserman yeah I shook the crap out of it. Good idea though. I think thinning will help!

@SableLiger and @RDT1953 ah ha. I was using MLT to thin it on test scrap! Makes sense the leveling agent would make it glossy! Finally a new use for my tamiya thinner that I hadn’t touched since switching to MLT

I just run it straight through my .5 airbrush at fairly high pressure (35ish). It needs a fair bit of shaking, but not an extraordinary amount.

I ended up stirring it as I noticed some of the matte agent settled at the bottom. I also noticed it has a more syrupy consistency than the rattle can stuff so I thinned it up a bit with lacquer thinner as recommended. Got a decent flat coat, not dead flat but I wasn’t going for fully dead flat